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Hello - I must admit it is weird to have company but I would never turn away from someone who came to visit me!

Let's see if we can have some sort of conversation no?

M!A: none!

(Side note this is a pretty random blog I tend to do alot of ooc stuff so... yeah ahah))

You look nice in white and I know you expected me to put a cheesy pick up line next to this but I really have none you just look nice in white



((why do I still hav e 200 followers on this account

this is like

my reblogu once in a while


ish lol look a random Piko blog is2g))

When I want to talk to people I admire…






When I want to talk to people I admire, when I want to talk to people I like, when I want to be confident and gutsy when I want to…

I’m such a chicken shit it’s not even funny

Ah... Sure. *nods, thinking it would be rude if she said no*

He takes out two forks and one knife to cut the cake into even slices. Neatly placing the served items on a plate and hands one to the girl. Keeping another safely in his free hand.

"-Thanks. It smells good too." 

((*slowly places Piko down* 

ok Piko happy bday you douche ;v;


*slowlyfa des away*



*smiles and giggles a little* Of course... That was a dumb question to ask. *blushes a bit more* Anyway, try it! -IA

"-Right." he replies and looks away just as quickly going to grab the needed utensils for the cake. "You’d like to eat your own creation as well, right?" 

"Ah... I don't think she'd do anything dangerous. Still is quite a mystery though..."

"Indeed, she would have told me if she really was going somewhere far as well." 

"Oh... well, let's hope she shows up again some day! I hope she isn't hurt..."

"… She was always so jumpy… I do hope she is alright, last time I went to check up on her she was there yet… She isn’t there anymore." 

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